Behavioral Learning & Socialization Challenges


Are You or Your Child Struggling with developmental, behavioral, socialization, or learning challenges?

Has your child been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, ODD, or PANS/PANDAS?
Is anxiety crippling your child? Does your child experience rage and meltdowns?
Have you seen specialist after specialist with no results?
Does your child have difficulty focusing?
Is your child struggling in school?

Childhood neurodevelopmental and behavioral disorders are RISING at an alarming rate.

You or your child may be suffering from sensory processing disorder, ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism, or other neurological challenges. In our experience we have found that chiropractic care in its gentlest form is the best way to start. That is why we choose to start with Network Spinal Analysis!

Network Spinal Analysis, NSA, is a gentle touch chiropractic technique to the child’s neck and lower back that will help their brain and nervous system relax. When the nervous system relaxes, the child is able to process the stimulants of the environment better. These new strategies allow their body and spine to become more flexible. A child with these kinds of issues has relatively poor body awareness. Network helps improve the child’s body consciousness.

We have found that under Network Spinal care, children have:

  • Improved concentration
  • Decreased clumsiness
  • Breath deeper
  • Connect with their body’s natural rhythms
  • Make healthier choices

First we will start with a neuro based exam. Before we can improve your brain function we first have to know which specific parts of your brain aren’t working right. We use cutting edge technology to determine how well your brain is recovering from stress and a brain-based exam to assess what parts of your brain may be out of balance.

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Can My Child Be Stressed?

The world is perceived with help from the nervous system. When a child is unable to adapt to stress, their body takes on more of a “fight or flight” tone, what Network calls “Stress Physiology”.

Network is a technique that can teach your child’s body and nervous system how to adapt to stress better.

Network allows the sensory input of the world to be processed more gently. The adjustments take the child out of a stress physiology and into greater mind/body awareness.

As we proceed in care, gut healing and specific exercises will also be given to the child, to be performed at the office and at home. A combination of floor exercises and use of technology such as apps, biofeedback and metronomes will strengthen and reinforce the child’s Network adjustments.